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Repeat Loan Application

This reapplication is ONLY for current borrowers of the Foundation. 
              *New ap
plicants should select the "Apply Today" tab or click HERE.

1. Access your student portal to complete the application. Click below and enter the requested information.

2. Be sure to enter the email address we have on file or you will be denied access. This is a safety feature. 

3. In your portal you can:

  • View Account" if you would like to see your loan balance

  • "Upload Grades" if you have grade reports to submit.  We must have Fall 23 and Spring 24 grade reports by June 1, 2024. You will have to scan and save the grade reports to your computer in order to upload them. Use a browser other than Internet Explorer (Chrome, Firefox, etc).   

  • Complete the "Repeat Loan Application".  Due April 15, 2024

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