Re-applying online is easy!

This reapplication is ONLY for current borrowers of the Foundation. 

              New applicants should select the "Apply Today" tab or click HERE.

Click Here To Access  the Repeat Loan Application

You will be taken to the student portal and will have to enter your email address, last 4 digits of your social security number and a reCaptcha code to help protect from spam and abuse.  BE SURE TO ENTER THE EMAIL ADDRESS THAT WE HAVE ON FILE OR YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PROCEED.   


You will be sent an email with a link to the student portal. Once in the portal, you will see your name and loan number and choices to: View Account; Upload grades; Complete Repeat Loan Application. 


Click "View Account" if you would like to see your loan balance.

Click "Upload Grades" if you have grade reports to submit.  We must have Fall 19 and Spring 20 grade reports by June 1, 2020. You will have to scan and save the grade reports to your computer in order to upload them.    

Click "Repeat Loan Application" to complete the application. The application is due April 15, 2020

​A few items of note:

         1.  The application must be completed and submitted online.  We cannot accept hard copies.  ​

         2.  You must complete EVERY blank.  Use N/A if not applicable.  The form will not allow you to submit with

              any blanks.  We are not asking for any new information.  We are verifying information already provided. 

              Next year most of the form will be pre-filled.

         3.  You can save your progress if you do not complete the application in one session.

         4.  For guidance on how much to request:


               Undergraduate: If you first borrowed as an:


                  Incoming freshman: you can request $3,000 per yr;

                  Incoming Sophomore: you can request $4,000 per yr;

                  Incoming Junior: you can request $6,000 per year;

                  Incoming Senior: you can request $6,000 for 1 yr.

                  Maximum amount  = $12,000

                Graduate- Maximum amount = $8,000: $4,000 per yr for 2 yrs. 

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