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Links - A link to loans, scholarships, and grants. Information and advice on college application and admission. - Information on federal student loan programs. - Provides information about and virtual tours of Ohio colleges and universities. Information on financial aid. - US Dept of Education homepage. Provides links to the FAFSA form online, financial aid resources, Direct loans, college costs, choosing a college, preparing for college, and choosing a career. - Information on various sources of aid and how to fill out financial aid applications. - Provides free scholarship search and financial aid information as well as information on avoiding scholarship scams. - Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Ohio. - Excellent resource for students to prepare for, enroll and graduate from college. - List of over 100 scholarships and loans.

The above sites are for informational purposes only and is by no means a complete list. None of these sites are endorsed by the Canton Student Loan Foundation but are presented only as potentially useful resources on a variety of education related topics.

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