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Your donation helps deserving Stark County graduates who want to pursue higher education.

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Deadline: June 1, 2017

Our loans feature an interest rate lower than most other financial-aid sources.


The Foundation is the BEST choice in student loans with NO fees, low rates and NO interest or payments until graduation!


This year thanks to our Membership and our borrowers' 99.8% repayment rate, we are celebrating 100 years of assisting Stark County graduates with their post secondary school expenses! And as part of that celebration, our loan amounts are increasing to $4,000 annually and $16,000 overall!  There is no deadline to apply.   


​The Canton Student Loan Foundation is a private not for profit organization and not a federal entity.  Loan funds become available as students repay their loans into a revolving pool of funds.  Loan repayment is part of a " Pay it Forward" program whereby funds repaid by Stark County graduates are then loaned out again to future graduates who need assistance with their school expenses.  


We have BIG news! 


Starting in January 2023, the Canton Student Loan Foundation began managing the loan program of the Student Loan Foundation of North Canton.  This means that all business including repayments, disbursements, and applications are now managed by CSLF.  This agreement will significantly benefit the North Canton community by providing services and technology not available currently.  Students will continue to have the opportunity to borrow from both funds with graduate school funding available as well. 


In order to improve efficiency we are now using DocuSign to sign loan documents.  No more sending paperwork from state to state or arranging visits with a notary.  It can all be done online!  


​​Payments are due by the last business day of the month before 4:00 pm.  You may pay by check, money order, auto payment, or online (CSLF students only).  We do not accept cash payments.  If mailing your check or money order payment, please note there are delays with the postal service.  To ensure your payment is received on time, give it an extra couple weeks to arrive, pay online or sign up for automatic payment.  Auto payments are FREE and withdrawn from your account on the 20th of each month.  To sign up for auto pay, complete the enrollment form found to the left of this message by clicking the button “Sign up for Auto Payment”.   Online payments may be made by  clicking on the "make a payment" button on the left.  At this time it is only for CSLF students.  Please note that there is a 3% fee, charged by the processor, for making an online payment. 

​You can reach Alice, Lori or Kim at 330.493.0020 or,


Thank you!

Canton Student Loan Foundation Trustees and Staff

Low-Interest Student Loans for Stark County Grads

Are you ready to build a foundation for your future by furthering your education? The Canton Student Loan Foundation can help make the dream of earning a degree a reality. 

You can receive $16,000 total toward your undergraduate education and an additional $8,000 if you continue on to graduate school. Since 1922, we have extended almost $42 million to over 6,200 Stark County students.

Am I eligible?

The application criteria are simple. You must:

  • Graduate from a Stark County high school; be a Stark County resident who was eligible to graduate from a Stark County high school but chose to attend and graduate out of county; or a Stark County resident who was home schooled.

  • Enroll for at least 12 credit hours per term in a post high-school, undergraduate degree-granting program. This includes associate degree, technical-school and trade-school programs.

  • Have and maintain minimum term and cumulative grade point averages of 2.0.

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