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​If you are a resident of the North Canton City School District, you are eligible to borrow from the North Canton Student Loan Fund.  And the GREAT NEWS? You can also borrow from the Canton Student Loan Foundation! With only 1 application!

If you are interested in a local, low interest loan with deferred interest and payments to help with school expenses, please follow these three (3) steps. 

                            *ONLY for NEW applicants who have never applied to either loan foundation.     


                          You will be taken to a portal and will enter your first name, last name, email address as well as an authentication code.  Then click "start

                          application" .  A link will be sent to your email so you can access the application.   

                          Once you receive the email and click on the link you will be taken to the application portal.  You may save your progress at any time.

                          When you want to revisit the application, go back to the link in your email.  Use a browser other than Internet Explorer (Chrome,

                           Firefox, etc).

3.  REQUIRED DOCUMENTS - Once your application has been processed you will receive a link to your       

                                                                   portal to upload these documents:                             


  • Student Aid Report from the FAFSA- upload to student portal. We are aware that the FAFSA is delayed and it will not affect loan approval.  

  • ACT/SAT Scores - if not included on your high school transcript upload to the portal.

  • Two (2) letters of reference/recommendation (see guide in "vital information" link).  Reference can give letters to the student and they can upload them.

  • High School transcript- MUST be final and official and submitted by the school.  

  • College transcript (if applicable)- MUST be final and official and uploaded by the student to the portal.  If ordered by the student for online delivery it should be emailed to the student, not the Foundation and then uploaded by the student to the portal.    



Phone: 330.493.0020

There is no deadline to apply

However, having an application submitted by June 1st is ideal to ensure that financial assistance is available before the fall semester begins and bills are due.  

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