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About Us

The Canton Student Loan Foundation provides low-interest student loans for Stark County graduates. Our founders wanted to make earning a degree a reality for local students. Today, our donors, Board members and staff carry on this tradition by developing, maintaining and loaning a revolving pool of funds. As students pay back their loans, these funds go back into the pool. We loan these funds again, and the work of the Foundation continues.

The Foundation is under the conscientious oversight of our dedicated Board members. Our staff, Kim Leggett, executive director, and executive assistants Sandy Hartsel and Lori Lapp, guide applicants and recipients through the loan process.

Board Officers
Lee Ann Thorn, President
Lynn Hamilton, Past President
Michael Gallina, Vice President
Joann Smith, Secretary
George Downes, Treasurer

James Abbott Michael Gallina Susan March
Robert Belden Kendra Hillmer Kathleen Poporad
Julie Bland William Hoover Mary Beth Reynolds
Christopher Burr Cynthia Horne Gretchen Tucker-See
Samuel Dorto, Jr. David Johnson Amber Wallace
Leo Doyle James Ladson Joyce Niffenegger, Emerita
Dennis Fulmer Andrew Luntz Robert Henderson, Honorary
Judith Malinowski George May, Jr., Honorary